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"Hip-hop in France owes its success to a strong social demand for it.

He started first to release on YouTube humoristic videos in 2016 like “La météo du sale” (= The dirty forecast) but people start to considerate him has a rapper with the excellent rap song the “Freestyle Du Sale” few months later, the same year. Rappers from the 1980s and 90s needed to keep their references to Africa subtle for a few reasons. It's free to use.Raps sometimes sound haphazard. The French hip hop group Bisso Na Bisso's song "Dans la peau d'un chef" refers to the corruption of African heads of state.IAM also incorporates images associated with ancient Egypt. French rap has become an important channel of discontent, frustration, and anger for these communities. Rappers are overwhelmingly of African descent, and in tackling the issue of their invisibility in French society and declaring their origins, they redefine their identity and defy French notions of ethnicity and citizenship.Some French hip hop artists of African origin have used their music to address challenges and issues that cause poverty in African nations. Rappers from the south of France are known to tell the 'cold reality' of life in France. "Interview with Youcef (Intik)." At the same time, new artists like Sinik and Diam's began to see significant success, as well, bringing a new sound and genre of lyrical prowess to the game.Themes in French hip hop include opposition to the social order, humor and puns, as well as ethnic and cultural identity. 2 – Lorenzo “Nique la BAC” This French rapper is part of the troll rap it is hard to know when he is serious about a subject. The different social climates in the regions make the two subgenres distinct from one another. Many of the French hip hop artists come from the poor urban areas on the outskirts of large cities known as French hip hop has been political in its history as well. Paroles Musique provides a database which has song lyrics, official lyrics and French translations.

Now this is the story all about how / My life got flipped, turned France required manpower to sustain its newly booming industries and the governmental solution was the mass When hip-hop reached the European continent in the 1980s Afrika Bambaataa was an early pioneer, and when he came to France he was overwhelmed by the great importance of African culture coming from Africa and the Caribbean.Many French hip hop artists express strong ties to Africa, though not overtly. But in fact, they are very clever poetry with all sorts of snazzy features like internal rhyming. In Helenon, Veronique. French hip hop stands out for its "flowing, expressive tones of the language [that] give it a clear identity within the rap world."

It's changed to talking about gang-banging and other illegal activities.

Rap is less about what you say and more about how you say it. Not only in France, but in many African countries, French hip hop is played and heard.

In the north, however, content tends to be more straightforward, with rappers typically talking about the drug trade, gang wars, ghetto life and clashes with the police, etc. For example, a contentious debate is currently being fought out in the political realm as to whether or not The protest at the heart of French hip-hop can be traced directly to the economic boom following World War II.

Whereas early French hip hop was seen as mimicking American hip hop in terms of aesthetic appeal, later French rappers added their own cultural and ethnic identities to the mix.

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Prevos, Andre J. M. "Postcolonial Popular Music in France: Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture in the 1980s and 1990s."

With the rise of French hip hop can be defined by two major categories or subgenres: hip-hop from the north, mainly centered around major cities like Paris and its suburbs, and hip-hop from the south which focuses around cities like Marseille. Several group members assumed names reflective of this influence.

The French government has a mandate that 40 percent of the music played on the radio must be in French.Such as much of the rap and hip hop in the United States talks about money, women, guns, etc., rap in France is also somewhat following this path. However, hip hop in France is taking on the same image as hip hop in the United States. Lyrics from the south tend to be more socially conscious, with content mainly focusing on the fight against discrimination. They love to sing about love and poetry, and they also love to rap in French dialect. "The images, modes and attitudes of hip-hop and gangsta rap are so powerful they are having a hegemonic effect across the globe. Therefore, the definition of Africa according to French ideas, and the nature of racism in French society is crucial to understanding the reason for the hip hop and rap sensation in France. Conversely, there are plenty of seemingly badass rap lyrics that, upon closer examination, turn out to be underwhelming, nonsensical, or just unintentionally and spectacularly gay. The authors of "Arab Noise and Ramadan Nights: As France has embraced hip hop, they put a huge emphasis on the lyrics.

Like much of the hip hop from the United States, many French hip hop artists use the genre to address pressing social issues.

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The French language, with its repeated end of word inflections, is widely recognised as lending itself to rap, and even masters of the form in the US have been complimentary. Historically, France adopted a series of hostile policy against immigrant families.