Your quiz results. What do you do?You found out that someone cheated on a test and beat you to first place.

What do you do?A Slytherin is getting bullied by a bunch of Gryffindors. Also these questions are written to take place in our world, not the world of Harry Potter. I've put some great info on your House at the end, make sure to read it! I didn't give a Harry Potter theme to the quiz because the answers are more accurate this way. This idea that we could possibly be Slytherin came about because, like most young adults, we realized that we can be whoever we wanted to be. Gryffindor is by far the most focused-on house in the books. (100% Accurate) quiz which has been attempted 377 times by avid quiz takers. Harry Potter House Quiz. Thank you SO much for commenting. Everyone thinks you put your name in it, even though you're not old enough. that you can create and share on your social network.

No, I prefer to keep my head down unless I'm provoked. He is also brave, putting his life on the line without thinking for his friends, so Gryffindor.For me, it’s a flip of a coin between Slytherin and Gryffindor because when you put him next to The other day, my roommate and I had a discussion about sorting I fought for him being a Hufflepuff, with a strong sense of justice, patience, and loyalty. Take our Harry Potter wand quiz and find the best one for your wizarding needs! Let the Sorting begin!What is GotoQuiz? I don't like the last question it's mean T^T, and this isn't accurate I took a test before this and it said I was a Hufflepuff and the last question I got was "If you got into Slytherin what would you do?" DON'T CHEAT TO GET THE HOUSE YOU WANT!! Yes I do seek acceptance from my family and power but that doesn't mean im gonna be blatantly hate everyone. You and one of your friends want to go down the dark and creepy road, but your other friend wants to go down the bright and inviting road. Therefore, she took a step back and told herself that she wouldn’t go down that path, that she wanted to put others before herself, so she did. hey so i just wanted to say NOT ALL SLYTHERINS ARE BULLIES OR EVIL. Ravenclaw, the wise and clever? Many of them are petty and ask for your favourite color and animal, disregarding your personality. I mean just because you saw bad in one Slytherin shouldn't turn your opinion/back on the others, my bestie is a Slytherin! One can be both a hard worker and creative, could be witty and ambitious, patient and resourceful.Online Sorting Hat quizzes tend to be one dimensional, with the questions leading to obvious answers.Heated discussions happen when sorting not only characters into houses, but friends as well. 760 days ago Four goblets are placed before you. One path looks bright and inviting, with flowers lining the edges. Last but not least, if you find that you are sorted into Slytherin, what will you do?

I don't just go picking on people unless they cross my path. Many of them have horrible spelling and grammar. There's nothing hidden in your head this sorting quiz can't see. To me, Gryffindor is the catch all house, while most people seem to see Hufflepuff as that.Hufflepuff is the hardest house to belong to, because they aren’t lazy like fandom has latched onto. I already knew I would get in Slytherin AWESOME!!! For those of us who are not quite one thing, and not quite the other. Gryffindor is harder to distinguish because how does one measure bravery and courage? What do you do?While on an adventure with two friends, you come across a fork in the road. Perception may vary, but deep down we make choices and those choices lead us to our rightful houses.HBO Max is going back for second helpings of Selena Gomez’s Kelly Marie Tran is gearing up to lend her voice to Disney’s Or Slytherin, the cunning and ambitious? She saw herself as manipulative, and it scared her. Guess the Harry Potter Quote! It is our choices that lead us onto the path of the four houses. This Sorting Quiz Will Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Truly Belong In.
Just because someone is in Slytherin doesn’t mean they are evil, just like how it is possible for someone in Gryffindor to go dark side.It’s about looking within us and the characters we love when taking a Sorting Hat quiz, and choosing which qualities we feel are representative of the whole. Harry Potter Wand Quiz: Which Wand Should You Have? You can keep your bowlers black, Your top hats sleek and tall, For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat And I can cap them all. This Shockingly Accurate Harry Potter Quiz Will Determine Which Pair Of Houses You Belong In. Woohoo Gryffindor!!!!