Has it been the deciding factor? He bagged the winning title in the first of three races at the Hockenheimring finale.As per his successful career, Lando is speculated to harness huge payroll but his net worth is under review as of 2018.Lando Norris is someone who likes to share bits of his personal life on social Looks like I have a new driver to support as I’m from Bath, have lived in Bristol and my grandfolks lived in Glastonbury.I’m not used to reading Lando, I see it and complete it as FernandoI hope the McLaren is competitive for wins and podiums if he joins.Sounds like Stroll but will be looked on more favorably as he is British.Stroll won many titles. It’s a shame the talent spotters can’t take kids off the street and put them in Karts.It’s a shame the talent spotters can’t take kids off the street and put them in Karts.How would you do that? He busies himself investing in startups with Horatio Investments. Adam Norris Net Worth Adam Norris Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography. Lando Norris is an 18 years old professional  British racing driver who is currently competing for Carlin Motorsport in Formula 2. His current role as CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd, the private investment company he created in 2010, is … He’s put this to great use, racking up simulated hours at the wheel of his racing cars on sim games such as iRacing.Rookie championship wins have been Norris’s forte. Vandoorne isn’t a flop, but he’s nowhere close to the World Champion beater they thought he’d be.I think McLaren should keep their hopes in check for Norris as well. Lando Norris: Foundations and Charities. Or follow Given his track record, a combination of both wouldn’t be a shock.I’m excited for Lando Norris in a way that I never was for Lance Stroll. He stands fairly tall in a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Then you leave for outer space.Lando Norris is so fast that he went purple in sector 3 when he blew up the second Death StarWhen Lando Norris collided with a barrier, the stewards gave the barrier a stop-go penalty for an avoidable incident.Lando doesn’t need to do any lift and coast, he pushes the car with his own hands at F1 speeds.Lando Norris doesn’t get flat-spots, he gets potholesLando Norris doesn’t need to conserve tyres, they’re too afraid to degradeWhen Lando Norris makes a start, he doesn’t accelerate past the cars in front, he makes them go to the back.OMG I just got that… Lando Norris is the Chuck Norris of the F1 world :PUsain Bolt broke the 100m world record by accident because he was trying to keep up with Lando Norris.I had no idea he was monied, but I don’t think that changes the fact that he is a massive talent. Lando Norris said: "I don't really like to talk about it, but compared to Lance Stroll, my father is not nearly as wealthy." So far, the McLaren driver has been able to keep teammate Carlos Sainz on his toes in his rookie season.

They tend to have to get used to pushing themselves to the limit whilst older bro can take it easy and still win… Till he doesn’t. Karting only costs £10k for the initial basic package.

Lando Norris Father: Richest in the Country. Not every young talent is a Max Verstappen.#13 He has a cool name, Star wars mixed with old England. In the last three years he’s won the following series as a newcomer: MSA Formula (2015), Toyota Racing Series (2016), Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup (2016), Formula Renault 2.0 NEC (2016) and European Formula Three (2017).The latter is especially impressive not just because it’s the most high-profile championship he’s won so far.

He raced full-time in the 2017 European Formula 3 Championship alongside Carlin.

He turned up in the German Formula Four championship, which he was not racing in full-time and had less experience of the equipment than his rivals, and in three races took a fourth, a second and a win.But not in Formula One, unless he gets a call-up as a substitute. Not always the case, for example I hand my ‘younger’ bro a can of whoopass every time :)Yes talented but who can forget the almost unlimited private track sessions over the past 3 seasons.