Here, puss-puss. Jasmine: What foreign prince can care for our people as I do? He sees a city where I see an empire. You cunning little monkey. Thank you, carpet. Prince Andrés: Oh, thank you. Aladdin: Oh, okay, but I'm coming back tomorrow night.

Kid! FUCK YOU AND THE ELEPHANTMONKEY YOU RODE IN ON!Well, considering she fed the last six princes to her pet tiger, I'd say that went pretty well.Almost... suspiciously well.

you own the place. Prince... Ali. I wish to be free. ALADDIN Because you are Abu, because you are, now eat. Let’s see what we can do about your situation here. Been on my own ever since. Better though, right? Treat your woman like a queen, I always say. At least not most servants. Genie: Well, Ali Baba, he had them forty thieves Scheherazade had a thousand tales Gotta go bold! Brass! I was talking to the... Dalia: She would also want you to be safe. Jasmine: How did you get past the guards? This Hello! Come on, kid! One more time: Do you trust me?MENA back-flips and ricochets off every WALL and AWNING in sight while NAOMI tries not to mess up her HAIR.They arrive at MENA's SURPRISINGLY SPACIOUS PENTHOUSE.So this is what poverty looks like, huh? You're actually kind of a shit sorcerer when you think about it.Yeah, you're right. Which means you... are a handmaid to the Princess. I zapped you to Antarctica!Yes, but you FORGOT that I have a magic carpet that can travel at the speed of plot and immunity against all environmental causes of death!BWAAAKKK!!! Sherabad continues to amass. The lamp? - From? Now, in episode 4.25, "For Sale by Owner"...Dad, can't we go back home now?

Genie: [with Aladdin's head] A thousand years? It's a little heavy. But you'd prefer that

If she saw what I saw today,

you own everything. Feel free to interrupt me anytime you don't understand. Clear the way! Jafar: You see, I was once like you. To return this. I can look totally normal. It's just for a minute. Aladdin: You think that's impressive. But you could be. We now go down from the clouds to a castle with fireworks booming. And just so we're clear, this is TOTALLY not a ruse that Mena wished for me to invent.They leave to compare notes about NBC.

More powerful than you! Jafar: You bring me the rough but never a diamond. Who made you a sorcerer? Gotta... gold! Aladdin: That bracelet. You see, a genie without a master, goes back in their lamp.

Monkey knows the way. You used one to get out of the cave, remember?

Somebody cool me down!

I can help! Why do I always have to jump around like a little ape? Genie: Yeah. What are you doing here? Dalia: If you had to marry a useless prince, you could certainly do worse than this one. I'm sure the twitchy, nervous young man I know nothing about will make a fine sultan after I bite it.NOT SO FAST! So... What are you gonna wish? Wait. It's so... big. There will be bread on every homeless child's lap, an infrastructure funding package to repair the damages from the monkey/parrot battle, and a worthy man by my side. No, no. Aladdin: I think that's me. It is I, Prince Mena of the Kingdom of Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb. Retrieve it for me, and I will make you I'm feeling a periwinkle. Baba, Rajah would make a better ruler. Aah, no! ALADDIN You were brilliant Abu. Second to no one! Nice. I think. Outside in the sun. I was born to do more than marry some useless prince. Oh. It's been a long day.

Even more than my existing magic powers and the genie I now possess!Indeed, that was painful, but I'm not through with you yet!

My head was NOT turned that time!Oh, uh... what do poor people do when this happens? There's only one person in the world who could pull this off, and he DIED. And I can destroy you. Clearly. Genie: I mean, I did most of the work. I really need to stop playing bird characters. Suddenly a star from the sky shines so bright leaving the castle and taking us to a boat, almost exactly like the castle. Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features.Thanks for your vote! Prince Billy of the Kingdom of Ködedegay is here to meet me.Since we've demonstrated the chemistry of a stagnant puddle and a second stagnant puddle, let's hope not.SULTAN NAVID NEGHABAN greets PRINCE BILLY MAGNUSSEN.Welcome to Agrabah, where 9th century sultans broker marriages with 9th century Scandinavians. who are counting, A common thief. I'm about to fabulize you.

You were not born to be sultan. Meanwhile, "PRINCE" MENA appears in front of the WINDOW.Why don't you come with me, lil' girl, on a magic carpet ride?Okay, considering how badly that last scene went, it is REALLY bad form for you to sneak up to my room. What's so special about this lamp, anyway?There's something written on it... "Na na na na na na"?Okay, now you have to say "Na na na na na na" again. I mean, if there are only three. He's tall and handsome, and yes, he's a little dim but, you're just getting married. Aladdin:Seems everyone's been afraid since then. Okay. wealthy enough to impress a princess. A genie might have phenomenal cosmic powers… If there's going to be a sultan around here, it shall be me! But she has to marry a...Hey, can you make me a prince?Genie: There's a lot of gray area in "make me a prince". I dress in black, I have a snake-shaped hypno-staff, I'm doing the "evil" voice... what more do you want?Will has a point. And in it, a simple oil lamp. I'm not leaving without my bracelet! Why don't I set myself free? I promise. Donkey. 영어공부를 위한 대본출력이 필요하신가요?

No. BAKER There he is. Genie: Okay, little street boy.

Steal an apple, and you're a thief. Steal a kingdom, and you're a statesman. That's why I need the lamp. Seen that face before. Please don't forget to tip your genie on the way out. But I am Sultan! Jafar: You think so?

JAFAR Patience Iago, patience. Genie: Right, but that's not quite how it works, though. An eggplant on a rainbow field. Ya, right? Huh? Wait! Abu. Hey, puss-puss, puss... Forget it. Why you playin' hard to wish? I bet you could get $2.2 mil for this in the Bay Area.Yeah, it's a great place to hoard all these trinkets I supposedly stole for food.Really? 비교불가입니다^^;;■ 여러개 주문 : 3편이상 주문시 1,000원 할인 / 단체 및 대량주문시 추가할인 / 5편주문시 개별대본비용 무관하게 5만원, 10편주문시 9.8만원■ 대본을 출력하여 소리내어 가급적 정확한 발음으로 읽어보기 (이때는 단어등 찾지말고 단지 표시만해두기)■ 자막없이 영화만보면서 발음에 집중, 똑같이 따라읽기(가급적 이 단계는 여러차례 많이할수록 좋음)■ 대본들고 자막없이 영화보기(정확히 맞는지 체크하고 이때 대본은 들고있지만 필요없어진다면 OK)아마도 한편당 10번은 최소 봐야하는 아주 고되고 어려운 작업이지만, 끝났을때 늘어난 실력을 생각해보면 상상불가!