Accustomed to having her schedule booked each week around a high-profile racing career and lucrative endorsement deals, Patrick is eager to finally live a normal life.So what was Patrick missing out on all those years?“I didn’t even have the chance to go see concerts because concerts happen on the weekend because that’s when people have time off,” she said. “It was just a really tough day for all of (…) Patrick clarifies Instagram post after inadvertently sparking pregnancy rumorsI found this on FTW and wanted to share: *like FTW on Facebook:

Players are saying the conversation didn’t happen how it was reported. After a whirlwind racing career, Danica Patrick plots her next course.

Patrick later admitted she was somewhat intimidated working with Tirico, but any nerves she may have had vanished as soon as the show began.Their chemistry seemed natural as if they had been friends for awhile.And Patrick spoke confidently while discussing the event, sprinkling in anecdotes of her own experiences. It doesn’t get better than night racing at Daytona. “So for me, a podcast is a way to still do that through not only my own stories that of course kind of trickle in here and there pertaining to whatever the guest is talking about but also these other amazing people out there that have fantastic stories.”A healthy lifestyle always has been part of the foundation of Patrick’s brand, but she wanted to use this period of her life as a time to focus on her own happiness. As cars drove parade laps around Indianapolis Motor Speedway, she plopped herself above the pit box and reflected on the past year.This was usually the part of race when Patrick’s heart rate would start elevating and adrenaline would begin to seep in.Instead, Patrick sat there relaxed, joyful and grateful, while eating dried apple chips.“Oh my God,” she said to herself, “this time last year my life was so different.”In the hours leading up to the race, Patrick excelled in her debut as an analyst alongside longtime sportscaster Mike Tirico on NBC. I became a huge fan.”Will Patrick broadcast future races?

But when you’re trying to be someone else, No. “I was so impressed.

She also tied for second-most endorsement and licensing earnings with $5 million, the report said.Patrick called herself a “forward-thinker” and “planner.” With the end of her racing career approaching, Patrick paved way for her next career move, launching an athleisure line called “Warrior by Danica Patrick” on and publishing her book, “Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan,” in 2017.The book’s success set her up for her next venture, a podcast, also called The podcast, which will debut next Thursday, is a journey of self-reflection for Patrick as she dives into deep conversations about life and failure with special guests who vary from former professional volleyball player and fitness enthusiast Gabby Reece to former baseball star-turned-entrepreneur Alex Rodriguez to nutritionist Melissa Hartwig, who created the popular Whole30 diet.“I didn’t want to lose that ability to inspire just because I was going away from [racing],” Patrick said during a conversation with Sports Saturday. She never wanted to be someone else — she said she just wanted to be the best version of herself.“I wanted to be the first me, not the next somebody else,” Patrick said. He can tell the Morris twins apart, and he once shared an elevator with Matthew McConaughey.

Believe everyone this is not a real show I made it up with my nice imagination. “So whether it be that or a farmers market or just having a Sunday sleep-in, waffle morning where you just have nothing to do, those things were foreign to me.”Her younger sister Brooke Selman said Danica doesn’t know how to sleep in or do anything remotely associated with a slow pace.“She hasn’t sat idle for too long,” Selman said. Potentially, but as it has been noted: There’s more she aspires to do, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down.“If Danica Patrick was stock, I’d buy and I would recommend it to my friends,” Tirico said.