Doc West (TV Movie 2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. There was a time where the horses that we call today, Quarter Horses, were known simply and generically as Steel Dusts. Status: Breed, Own & Train horses like Doc West in DerbyVille! Mares were brought in by prominent racing breeders from hundreds of miles away to breed to the equine phenomenon for a chance to catch lightning in a bottle.Texas cowboys whose palate was not satisfied by riding hardy but ratty mustang types, brought in their cow pony mares to improve the stature of their stock. He was the son of Harry Bluff, the son of Short’s Whip by Big Nance – a Thoroughbred who traced her lineage back to the legendary Thoroughbred, Sir Archy.

West shoots the rattlesnake's rattler off and it retreats into the bushes. Pedigree: Bamboo Harvester was the horse’s registered name: Nelson: George Washington: Old Whitey: William Henry Harrison: Old Charlie: Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) The white horse ridden in all the Wild West Shows was Isham. When was Doc West born? By the later part of the 1800s Steel Dust’s lineage was so ubiquitous in the then emerging Quarter Horse breed that many just referred to the “heavily muscled horse, marked with small ears, a big jaw, remarkable intelligence and lightening speed up to a quarter of a mile,” as Steel Dusts. Copyright © 2010 - When he is relased from jail, Doc West is captured by the farmers, and beaten.

It was the horse everyone wanted when the West was still the West and the horse was still the horse. While in jail, Doc learns about the sheriff's problems and agrees to help him. In the mid to late 1800’s most westerners referred to “speedy, low, stocky, well built, well-muscled, and high spirited” horses as Steel Dusts or Steel Dusters or Steel Dust horses.

Trainer: 2020 Doc West – Nobody ist zurück (Germany) | Doctor West (Spain) | Druhá sanca (Slovakia) | Nejlepší vyhrává (Czech Republic) A beautiful woman nurses him back to health. Doc West returns with his sage advice for the lost and lonely gunsel.A.

There is a reason these Quarter Horse bloodlines are still coveted today. (USA) 9 year old Gelding

The sheriff breaks up the fight and arrests Doc West to keep the peace.
The only point of minutia on Steel Dust of any consensus was his blinding speed – one old timer stated that Steel Dust could run a quarter of a mile in 22 seconds “any time” (keep in mind modern day racing Quarter Horses are running the 440 in about 21 seconds). He rides after them on his horse, but is stopped when he sees a boy named Silver (Benjamin Petry) fall off his horse spooked by a rattlesnake. Produced as a miniseries for Italian TV and structured to fit two feature films, "Doc Shane" is truly a pre-"Wild Bunch" yarn. Doc West horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos.

Steel Dusts were versatile, friendly, tough, cowy, and best of all, they were fast. The truth is, there are a lot of excellent bloodlines in the Quarter Horse breed, but Driftwood, Doc Bar, Go Man Go, Peppy San Badger, Joe Hancock and Two Eyed Jack rank at the top of their respective fields. The genesis of the ‘steel dust’ prototype is said to trace its roots to the legendary stallion Steel Dust of which little is known, but sufficiently augmented by cowboy lore as to enjoy a prodigious and loyal following in the Quarter Horse world.It is believed that Steel Dust was foaled in and around 1845 in Kentucky although Missouri, Tennessee and Texas are also possibilities. – Charlie was his hunting horse who was buried in the Atlantic on the way back from Europe. Doc West horse rating and status. Competitive events such as reining, cutting and pleasure have further evolved (some might argue devolved) the Quarter Horse into a specialist that over time falls further and further away from that gritty, jack-of-all-trades which could cut a cow in the morning and run a race match after dinner. See who is a fan of Doc West. In the mid to late 1800’s most westerners referred to “speedy, low, stocky, well built, well-muscled, and high spirited” horses as Steel Dusts or Steel Dusters or Steel Dust horses.