I purchased another more recently and on this adb format command did not work (it just immediately returned to the command prompt). In some cases, so SD card users feel the need to format their cards to NTFS, exFAT or FAT32 file systems so as to be able to use the card in certain devices such as in Smartphones, game consoles, digital cameras, their personal computers and any other device that uses an SD card as an external storage. To format SD card using diskpart: Step 1. Or you may use disk management to format the memory cardNotice: You need to make it clear that if you format your SD card, all your data on the card will be erased, so if you want to keep your data safe, you need to backup your data or restore them with a recovery tool. You can use any of the methods if you don’t know how to format SD card for Windows 10. General SD card repair tools and formatter tools belong to a type, which is forced formatting. Click With the process complete, your SD card will be free of data with a full space for you to save future data.There are many ways to format SD card in Windows 10, 8 and 7. Right click partition on SD card to select “Format” from the menu.Set the volume label, Allocation unit and file system then clickThe system will erase data once again and back up data. It will also pops out the message that ask you to format it before you can use it every time. Open the command prompt by typing "CMD" at the search box, right-click the program and select "Run as Administrator". Then you can force format SD card using Command Prompt or via free partition software. While formatting, it shows the SD card is write-protected. 4. Use an adapter, if you have a microSD card.It will not work if you connect it via a device having an SD card slot like a smartphone or a camera. Check out these different methods.Sometimes your computer is unable to assign drive letters (like C, D, E) to your storage media. In order not to lose your data, save them in a backup first before you do format it.There are four methods explained in this article for a successful SD card format. That’s why people take the help of cheap external card readers which run into problems more often.Sometimes, it might be the case that your card reader is broken and you’re blaming your innocent PC. So, if your card is not getting recognized, check the connectors.Do you know any other method to repair corrupted pen drives?
Hopefully, it may work, and you’ll be able to access the data stored on it.There are times when the drivers that run your pen drive get corrupted and your PC will not be able to detect the storage media. Try connecting your SD card or pen drive to another computer. Maybe, the memory card reader isn’t getting enough power from the USB port, or no power at all if its USB cable is damaged.It could also be the case that you’re using an old card reader while trying to access your card. Force format SD card using CMD If you have set the SD card into readonly mode in Command Prompt by accident before, this method is effective. And you can not right click it and choose "format" option to solve this problem.

https://fossbytes.com/how-to-repair-corrupted-pen-drive-or-sd-card You can also try system built-in format option, follow the steps to force format your SD card. To resolve this issue, you can assign the drive letter to your storage device manually.Here are the simple steps to fix the corrupted pen drive or memory card by assigning a correct drive letter:Although it sound’s strange, but you’re wasting your time if you repeatedly try to connect your SD card or flash drive to a single USB port on your computer. If your windows system fails to format your SD card, and even CMD is not able to format your SD card, you still have ways to perform the formatting on your SD card. And this is not an irreversible error. This method works really well if you are seeing an error prompt such asOnce the formatting is done, close the command window.To format your SD Card using File Explorer please follow these steps.Plug the SD card directly into your computer or through a card reader, USB port.When Windows recognizes it , open “My Computer” to identify the SD card.