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Persian Mulberries are world known. Mulberry trees were treasured as a valuable fruit tree in the ancient civilizations, and the mulberries were collected for feeding families, fattening livestock and for feeding wildlife animals. The Persian Mulberry makes a large 25-30 foot tree with dense heart-shaped leaves. While there are only a handful of cranberry growers within the U.S. that offer direct sales, we offer only the best cranberries with a convenient online shopping experience.

The large green heart shaped leaves provide a cooling shade near a patio during the summer heat surge The improved hybrid mulberrry tree cultivars are often grafted onto the red mulberry root-stock in order to dwarf the tree, making the trees easy to harvest and absolutely ideal for planting in small backyard gardens. Please contact us to confirm availability in Los Angeles. Very juicy, sweet and delicious when ripe. Mulberry trees are easy to grow.

The weeping mulberry tree is very beautiful with unique branches that grow down towards the ground. This website helps you to find the type of farm market you're seeking, in your own local area; whether it is a farm stand, a farm's market, sold from the farm house or just a roadside stand; as long as it is fresh and locally produced. Mulberry trees are large and deciduous that produce very delicious; sweet and juicy berries. The mulberry fruit size can vary greatly in size and flavor, but most berries grow to about one inch long, but the Pakistan mulberry can grow 5 or 6 inches in length, and are black in color. The Mulberry tree is a very curious and unique tree.The Fruit from the Mulberry Trees are similar in appearance to an elongated blackberry or raspberry and have a sweet flavor. A wide variety of fresh mulberries options are available to you, such as mulberry. Plant a weeping mulberry tree as a focal point or two of them symmetrically as a gateway for an entrance.Mulberry leaves are large, deep green, and heart shapes. Also, bake mulberries in your favorite dessert. The fruit itself turns almost into a black shade resembling a ... The fruit is slightly less juicy than the red Mulberry but just as sweet.

We work directly with farms to bring you fresh produce that's unparalleled when it comes to quality, tastiness and variety. Plant mulberry trees under the Full Sun and Harvest your fruit in the Summer. From our nurtured bogs to your home with scheduled delivery; No middle-man costs Pick and eat mulberries fresh or enjoy them dry later. Exactly how many people have handled that 'fresh' food you’re about to buy?

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The weeping mulberry produces fruit that sweet and juicy. The fast growing characteristic is due primarily to the huge sized leaves and the vigorous root system Pick and eat mulberries fresh or enjoy them dry later. Buying fresh cranberries is easy with us. These berries appear usually before the leaves in crowded black clusters. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. White mulberry fruits are very sweet, juicy when soft when ripe. The Pakistan Mulberry Tree fruit is 3 to 4 inch long, sweet and juicy with amazingly delicious flavor. Telephone: (818)701-5656 Persian mulberry trees are exceptional hybrids that are grafted to a rootstock that dwarfs the tree to make the mulberries more accessible to eat. Plant mulberry trees under the Full Sun and Harvest your fruit in the Summer. Mulberry trees are self fertile, and consequently do not need cross pollination. Our white mulberry tree is from the city of Mashad, Iran. Locals and tourists are welcome to come enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and pick your own strawberries fresh from the patch or buy them freshly packed from the cafe. Price List for Persian Mulberry Tree. The tree produces sweet and juicy, tasty berries in the Summer that are small and red when ripe. Ashbern Farms Stanthorpe offers a range of yummy treats, including our homemade ice cream. (What's This?) Basically there are 3 color types of mulberries, black (Morus nigra), red (Morus rubrum) and the white (Morus alba), each type producing edible berries. Persian Mulberry tree, also known as the ShahToot,  produces very delicious, dark red, wide, juicy fruit with a very pleasant sour and sweet flavor when ripe.

Also, bake mulberries in your favorite dessert.Mulberry trees that are native to the Middle East are highly sought for their fruits deliciousness. They are beautiful trees that produce abundant white, sweet and juicy fruits called toot (توت). White mulberry trees grown at Paradise Nursery originate from Iran. Some mulberry tree cultivars produce juicy berries with enough sweetness and high sugar content that the mulberries can be ripened, dried and eaten later during the dormant season when tree-ripened berries are not available. Persian mulberries are delicious to eat when ripened on the tree with a pleasant balance of acid and sweetness, a noticeable flavor improvement over the wild seedling types. If you are looking for healthy, fresh food, grown locally there are more options than ever before.

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197 fresh mulberries products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which dried fruit accounts for 4%, frozen fruit accounts for 1%, and fresh berries accounts for 1%. Incredible flavor! It is excellent for fresh eating or jam.