Do you live in Kentucky and need to know how to transfer a car title? That costs an additional fee. You will need to take various ownership documents to your local DMV office with your family member that you intend to transfer ownership of the vehicle to and pay a fifteen-dollar vehicle title transfer fee to switch the title’s ownership to your family member. VIN information can … Make sure you have the current title certificate and payment for applicable title transfer fees. All parties must have photo ID. Download the It is recommended to fill it in on the computer to avoid any confusion over illegible names and numbers.There are two forms you need to fill out, the original certificate of title and the application for the new title.On the back of the original title, the seller fills in their name, date, the odometer reading, and purchase price for the vehicle.The buyer will sign on both the front and back of the title.Both signatures are witnessed by the notary. Continue reading for more details about KY transfers of car ownership. They want to make sure that you arrive at the office with all the proper paperwork.In some instances, you will need just the title, application, and death certificate. This includes change of ownership occurring as a result of the purchase or sale of a vehicle. Motorists may need to perform an auto title transfer procedure when they sell or purchase a motor vehicle and they need to transmit the ownership rights to … Submit your forms and payment. However, every vehicle in Kentucky is required to have a title. To obtain a vehicle title from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet as a new Kentucky resident, you will need to visit your *NOTE: If the name on your title is different than your ID you will need to provide proof of a legal name change. This form is provided by your state's agency/department.Email this form to yourself and complete it on your computer.Subscribe to stay in the loop & on the road! The matter of inheritance is a bit complicated as compared to gifting a car to a family member. The following FAQ is here to answer all your questions.In Kentucky, you will apply for a new title and registration for your new car at your Applying for a title isn’t all the expensive. It is possible to have the duplicate delivered to the One-Stop-Shop by the following business day for an additional $25.If you are replacing a damaged title, the illegible title must be surrendered upon application for the duplicate.In Kentucky, the county clerk’s office encourages you to call them when looking to transfer the title after the owner dies. If you are missing any of these title transfer requirements, give … If there is a loan of the car, there is an additional $22 fee.However, when buying or selling a car, you must have the title notarized during the sale. If you have lost your KY title certificate, you can apply for a duplicate title by bringing the following to your county clerk's office: Leave us a comment and let us know any other questions you might have regarding how to transfer a car title in the state of Kentucky. There are insurance, registration, and usage taxes that are also due when you are putting the new car on the road.You will need to bring the following documentation to the county clerk’s office:If you are missing any of these title transfer requirements, give your County Clerk’s office a call and ask which forms you will need to complete the transaction.Arrive at the clerk’s office with all your paperwork filled out ahead of time. If you complete the sale at the county clerk’s office, the clerk can serve as notary for a low fee and save you time.On the Application, fill in the vehicle identification section and double check that all numbers match the original title.