I really dont care if you feel that your turtles need to be seperated, and I’m not here trying ot force my opinion on you but I just want to provide you with some info that I know i was looking for when i just got my turtles.In terms of feeding I feed bother turtles 6 times a week and leave one day as a fasting day. It moves only a little bit and at random times but at other times it’s at a complete standstill. she has been indoors most of her life. From what I have read on the net the diet should consist of 25% pallets, 25% live fish and 50% fruits and veggies. Never again will i buy a living thing from someone on the streetI bought 2 res from Chinatown. Your turtle will appreciate having a cozy maybe ask Connie? A small young turtle should be fed only once a day and a large older turtle can eat up to 3 to 4 times a day. Not that the Red Eared Sliders will die, they are actually considered an invasive species, meaning that when they are introduced to an area that is not their natural habitat, they cause competion and sometimes other species of turtle can become extinct because YOU got bored of your turtle.I keep my two turtles in the same tank but I do not recommend keeping more than 2 in a tank. I had my turtle about three years now and and I put a black telecope fish in side the tank and he was doing find then a couple of hours my turtle was attacking it is this goodno, thats not good. Please contact us at please refer to redearslider.com for more information on how to care for your red ear slider that you bought from chinatown.I’m normally not one to blog, but I just wanted to say to everyone on this forum with a god complex, get off your pedestals and give people a break. Turns out the vendor had a bucket full of them under the table and as I walked away scooped 2 more into a tank and sat them back out. Thank you for trying to help me. i feel like it means she wants to be fed, but i worry she may be distressed.Hello RES LOVE: best suggestion for you is to seriously learn the needs of a RES. If you notice any of those, visit your physician specializing in reptile care. They are getting too big for our tank. Do you have fish, tadpole or plants in your pond?Gah! Do to risk of bacterial infection proper hygiene must be maintained by washing hands before and after contact with ANY reptile for that matter and NEVER letting children play with them.I dont mean to be cruel but really – get off your soapbox and realize that somebody other than yourself might know something.what else can i feed my turtles besides fish and pellets. around a rock wall setting. They also eat a lot of Romaine lettuce and Wardley’s Reptile Pellets.I got my two turtles in a 99cent store because they were so cute and I felt bad they were in such a small tank. Also, please tell me if you have any advice. THEY ARE TERRITORIAL AND NEED ROOM TO LIVE.I have had turtles for close to 40 years. It really does vary from turtle to turtle! I bought them 2 for 5dollars at china town (like everyone else) and i never really took good care of it.

Where in Chinatown did you buy these turtles? It’s a good thing they do, because those senses help them to find their food. A few years ago in Oakland Chinatown at a street festival, I fell for 2 baby turtles and was suckered into buying them, because the Asian lady selling them said they would never grow. I got them probably like 4-5 years ago when I went to Chinatown to eat Dim Sum. If you think about it the people who bought the turtles from chinatown must have saved thier lives if the guys selling them are as horrible as you said.

added some water and a basking rock and that was it.OMG!! Has anything changed in the turtles habitat, environ, diet? I actually got 4.

i saw one that had 20 baby turtles in a very small plastic tub filled up with water and no land.the most commen way i see them take care of them is put then in a 5 inch by 2 inch plastic see throught cage with water not high enougth to reach up to their backs.amasingly there a police station one block away!!!! she was the size of a half dollar when i got her and she’s about 8-9 inches now.

He would go back in after all the other turtles finished eating and he would not get anything to eat. I kept her in the plastic tank she came with in preparation for the larger aquarium. Now almost ten years later both turtles grew up and they are thriving in my pond, A friend of mine works at a turtle tortoise rescue and they get tons of Red eared sliders from people who are unable to care for them.

Of course, large desert turtles have entirely different lifestyles.Turtles have some special strengths. make sure you get that ubv light though, red eared sliders cant live without it. after what i’ve read here… they really need more care than you think. They LOVE this. trust me i live in chinatownHI CAN YOU HELP ME I GOT TO YELLOW SLIDERS ONE OF THE TURTLES DIDNT GET ANY BIGGER AND HE HARDLEY WENT IN THE WATER THEN HE STOPED EATING ON HIS OWEN AND I HAD TO FEED HIM WITH A STAW BUT NOW HE IS VERY LIMP AND I THINK HE HAS PASSED BUT I DONT WANT TO DO ANYTHING WITH HIM INCASE HE IS JUST HANGING ON HE ISNT CLOSING HIS EYES WHEN I GO NEXT TO THEM I AM JUST WONDERING IF YOU CAN SAY IF HE HAS DIED AND WETHER I SHOULD GET A NEW ONE FOR THE OTHER TURTLE AS THEY HAVE BN TOGETHER SINCE I GOT THEM I HOPE YOU CAN HELP Xits funny to see you guys freaking out about the poor conditions they were previously kept in, and the other people asking where to buy them. They also have a heater to keep the water temperature from getting too cold. Terrapins are saltwater turtles that can live for 20 to 30 years in captivity. Royalty Free Photo of a Breastfeeding Infant We got this red ear slider turtle from Chinatown at least 3 yrs ago. the added protein will help them grow too. It also only pulls its head up and yawns sometimes, not a lot. Many turtles that live on land are called box turtles because of their boxy shape. Now that its just to two of them they do fine.Don Vito is more aggrssive, and you may see your turtles do this if you have more than one in a tank but they flutter their fingers in each others faces and it can be one of two things: one could be trying to assert dominance over the other or they could be starting a mating ritual. They like it when we pick them up and hold them and have turtle races.