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It is sized to fit 1/8" Kerfs and fill gaps … It will still need to be an L-shaped block to get to the jamb though. Sorry I cant help at all, I dont have any experience with drywall returns.You may want to fill out your profile ( click on your name in upper left corner of post, "From:" or "To:" section, then click on edit profile), gives people a little info about yourself.Welcome to breaktime.Live by the sword, die by the sword....choose your sword wisely.those sketches are done with google sketchup which is free and very useful.

Install with nails, screws, construction staples, or adhesive. Doors are knocked down for shipping to I'll bet i could zip around a jamb faster than putting on a bead and the method certainly has financial charm as i avoided buying special hinges as well.

offers kerfed flat jambs to create these case-less interior door openings. Excellence is its own reward!No. A kerfed door jamb is one where a kerf (slot) is cut into the door jamb for the purpose of allowing a drywall corner bead to be wrapped directly into the jamb. A kerf is a slot cut on the edge of the jamb, used for wrapping the drywall corner bead (square or rounded drywall corners) into the jamb. I was concerned about wear on the paper, but bec it was backed with wood and fixed with glue instead of mud, it was every bit as sturdy as a plastic or metal corner. "Plaster return jambs" are an everyday part of biz in any door shop out in the southwest . From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. So i’m not sure what the jamb size should be. The weatherstripping becomes an integral part of the jamb profile. is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. I hope I can just but the bullnose into the plinth if I put the plinth on after drywall but before the bullnose. I'll update my profile to. And you can feel the quality, the wood, the material.This website is for sale! You’re touching it every day. Sun Mountain Door: Custom Doors + Wide Plank FlooringThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Case-less interior door openings (with no case moulding around the door) are growing in popularity, particularly in contemporary and modern home designs. Flannery offers a variety of lengths for its Bullnose Kerf Trims, including 8′, 9′, and 10′ lengths.

thanks for the tipLooks like you have it jsut about right. Flannery's Bullnose Kerf is an excellent trim for transitioning from drywall to a door or window frame. Jamb depths can vary from 4-1/2″ to 14″ Various jamb profiles; Diverse anchor options; Electrical box and/or mortar guards; Additional Options. If correct we are somewhat committed to this detail.The jambs are made from 5/4 material and i’m figuring that i’ll need to put in some sort of plinth block after drywall but before the bullnose goes on and they can just but the bullnose into the plinth block.I don't know what you mean about the drywall ending in a kerf in the jamb since the drywall will be proud of it, but here is aProper term would probably be a rabbet in that jamb, but I would use an unrabbeted jamb sized flush with framing, then a bullnose J-trim on the SR overlapping it, and caulk the joint.If this gets pulled bak enough for a full return where a rabbet would be needed, then the door would not open in, she would need an outswing door with all the problems that go with them Welcome to the Taunton University of Knowledge FHB Campus at Breaktime. See more ideas about Base moulding, Moldings and trim, Baseboard trim. Kerfed flat jambs provide for a “caseless” opening, with drywall connecting directly to the door frame, thus requiring no case mouldings. If correct we are somewhat committed to this detail. It allows the installer to maintain the "rounded" look of a bullnose cornerbead around a door or window frame. the designer wants the drywall to have a bullnose at the door jamb and end in a kerf which the door manufacture can provide. It is designed to be easily inserted into a kerf frame without the need for screws, tape, or glue. So i'm not being treated unfairly.Here is a sketch that i just did to better explain what i'm thinkingNice pictures. These jambs are typically 1” more narrow than regular flat jambs, to allow for wrapping the drywall corner bead into the jamb. With this wrapping, the drywall connects directly to the door frame and gap between the door frame and drywall goes away. That is why I was so excited that it was up next on our room-by-room-tr...Horner Millwork offers windows, doors, kitchens, stairs, and custom millwork to Builders, Architects, Remodelers, and Homeowners in MA and RI.Santa Barbara Artisans and craftsmen specializing in creating Spanish style homesMaster Bedroom Grand Entrance - traditional - interior doors - Southland Windows, Inc.Master Bedroom Grand Entrance - traditional - interior doors - Southland Windows, Inc.Often I have to refer to my catalog of inspirational photos when building our house or making decorating decisions. kerfing the windows, it might seem out of place. Normally I’d get 6 11/16 but I’m thinking I need the jamb to be 5/8 less on the interior side to allow for the return.

"I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. I’ve loved FHB for years but this is my first time in this forum. This means the trim casing is no longer necessary. Available in brown color and stock lengths. A slotting bit in a router followed by small circ saw to complete the kerf …