Appearing as a conventional tower enclosure on a much reduced scale, the M1 enjoys a footprint that's result in a a significantly larger case.Use this banner to inform customers about special features for your products, or various promotions like free shipping.Stay up to date on the latest product releases, special offers & news by signing up for our newsletter. Added/modified flanges to mitigate possible PSU movementAdjusted 2.5" drive mount screw holes for improved stacking bracket supportAdded chassis mounted 2.5" drive screw access holesAdded USB Type C port (requires motherboard 20 pin Type E header)Changed headphone and mic ports to single combo jackRedesigned I/O bracket with swappable no-I/O faceplate (ports can be removed for cleaner look/slightly better 2.2+ slot GPU compatibility)Redesigned ventilation holes on bottom and rear to improve airflowBottom vents moved to separate steel floor plate attached to underside of chassisAdded M4 screw holes for window mounting to chassisFront-right chassis flange reduced, SFX PSU can now be installed from the right sideReduced rear-left chassis flange to facilitate GPU installationEnlarged chassis front GPU passthrough to facilitate GPU installation and provide more room for oversized GPUsRemoved four panel mounting clips from side flanges to reduce incidence of oversized GPU conflictsChanged front 2.5" drive mounting to use screws instead of rubber grommets to save space/reduce complexityRedesigned to single piece, now supports 9.5mm and 12.7mm ODD drivesRedesigned to two pieces, now supports 2x 3.5" drives *or* 3x 2.5" drives; now allows mounting to inside front 2.5" mount (3x 2.5" configuration only)New adjustable GPU support bracket (adjustable for 2-2.5 slot cards) I am working on my first build and waiting for the Ncase M1 to arrive. Are the panels compatible with a different version of the chassis (e.g., V2 chassis with V3 panels)? I see in this case's specs that there is an ATX PSU bracket. In this series of guides we will recommend the best components for various popular SFF cases, with this particular article focusing on the popular NCASE M1 mini ITX case. The period between production runs varies based on demand, but is typically one production run every 3 months.The M1 comes with the following: screws for drive and fan mounting, rubber softmounts for drive mounting, 3.5"/2.5" HDD brackets (1 set), 2.5" drive stacking brackets (2 sets), slim optical drive tray, SFX PSU bracket, front USB/audio ports and The only difference is the top panel, which may be easily swapped out.
so I decided to give another chance to my old CoolerMaster 550 PSU.

the interior, while keeping the clean, smooth surfaces free of the visual clutter of screws or fasteners.Designed for mini-ITX motherboards, the M1 nevertheless sports features shared by much larger enclosures. There are a number of decent case fans we recommend, and if budget (and design) is not of an issue for you, and looking for absolute best cooling, performance, then we recommend the Of course this distinctive design isn’t to everyones liking (we actually like the design), and if this applies to you, then other worthy case fans for the NCase M1 we would recommend include the When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. We recommend using a total of This is by far the simplest yet most effective cooling configuration for the NCASE M1, and we don’t recommend adding an additional 92mm exhaust fan since airflow is already moving towards the rear of the chassis from the CPU cooler.The NCASE M1 has an official max CPU cooler height restriction of 130mm, and within this height, the most recommended cooler (on forums and Reddit) is the This is a super quiet cooler with a small 95x95mm footprint, allowing for total RAM clearance on most motherboards of all sockets. Will it be restocked? From the overall aesthetic design, down to the smallest detail, every facet was subject Can I turn the optical drive slot version into the no-ODD slot version if I get the slotless top panel, or vice-versa? This item is not currently available