It started with the necessity to just get removed and downgrade to restore what was effectively a broken scooter, but after more research, I started tweaking.

Custom firmware for Xiaomi M365 Pro models. It has the extra batter battery on it and can go 26 miles before charging. Anyone with hacked firmware getting better torque/speed on a single battery?Quite surprised that a scooter that's basically half the price of the es2 seems to outperform it in key areas.Yes, I actually own the extra battery as well. So I am very happy to introduce you to the new method that will allow you to get the maximum speed out of your Ninebot- Segway Max, no matter the version G30 or G30D. After using some of the information on this sub I was able to speed hack my es4 …

Some customers pursue the pleasure of speed.

It's surprising.I know that some have updated with custom firmware on the basic es2 to get 18mph... but I'm wondering if it's bad for the motor or batteries.Why is there less torque and speed from a more powerful motor?I'm running CFW with a single battery and increased speed limit.The scooter is unable to go more than 32-34km/h with or without extra battery, and you can increase the torque but I don't modify that because I wasn't able to reach to my workplace because of the extra battery consumption.

I got the Ninebot from Costco recently. NINEBOT MAX G30. Here we keep an updated list, of all the useful apps you can or will need, in order to customize your e-scooter! Follow what's new in Gearbest!

A 180-day warranty applies to parts like the battery charger and pack, and electronic brake components.

● An official or flashed ESx dashboard (can be extracted from any Ninebot ESx scooter)Your new serial number should be displayed.
I've seen other posts claiming the extra battery contributes the the speed … Firmware hacks can unlock this to higher speeds. Ninebot-Segway Max is the newest of Ninebot-Segway electric scooter with 65 mileage and 350W motor. Whit its speed mode, you can travel the city freely. Ninebot ES4 speed hack settings: tested. Ninebot ES4 speed hack settings: tested. View a wide selection of Scooters Skates & Skateboards and other great items on KSL Classifieds. (Unless you really do want the latest official firmware, but be aware that this will lock the speed limit of your Ninebot to 25km/h and potentially prevent downgrade if any future update decides so). Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter, Up to 40. mileage Up to 22km / 14 miles Max.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts This version has for goal to improve user experience and make the toolkit easier to use.

Ninebot ES4 speed hack settings: tested.

Download and install the Official Segway Ninebot app: [Get Segway-Ninebot app] DO NOT UPDATE TO THE LATEST FIRMWARE, always click the "Later" button. Just stick with gotrax then if it fits your spec need and is half the price.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. Custom firmware for Xiaomi M365 models. The Ninebot ES4 comes equipped in a display containing the most important ride stats - speed, battery % left, and riding mode.

... Ninebot es1 speed hack top speed by iNNzanity - Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:37 pm.

After using some of the information on this sub I was able to speed hack my es4 … Dual Motor Mod for Ninebot ES2/ES4 - Advice requested.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Speed Hack - How To Unlock Speed Limit Discuss the Segway Ninebot ES and Ninebot Max Kick Scooter in this Forum. Vamos a ver de qué manera podemos devolverle la vida a nuestro scooter. Custom firmware for Ninebot Max G30 models. Whit its speed mode, you can travel the city freely. Tldr 50k mpc and 40kph top speed feels great! Check a firmware code: infoCheck.

I wanted to share my results and create a thread for interested readers, and maybe we can learn together.