share. Squidward's got a knife!" "What the? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Patrick asked. He was chasing Squidward with a knife!" "AH! "Wrong again!"

once you solve the puzzle, you'll be given some wire cutters. Squidward asked, taking another sip of the soda. It was created with some help from Phillip Stancheski. This article is rated C, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for users under the age of 13.Mr. "I'll take all of it!" 1. I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! Vincent Wallersaid that the show's crew wanted to make a "referen… Squidward said, grabbing SpongeBob's cell phone and smashing it with his tentacles. Squidward cheered when someone rang his doorbell.

PATRICK! "I did quit. he shouted, pure terror in his eyes. Tons of people have gone to jail for crimes that were caused by Red Mist!" Alright, see you next time, have a great oneI just want to let you know that this game caused me physical pain. Tip: The item locations don't change, stamina doesn't recharge.

Patrick explained when suddenly Squidward burst into the Krusty Krab, holding the knife. Development. The jump scares within caused me a bruise knee and a strained muscle in my neck as well as major psychological and emotional damage.

From new releases to classics. So enjoy my friends as I try out "Red Mist: Chapter 2" WOW! "Eugene?

Red Mist Squidward is a reference to a popular online horror story based on SpongeBob, titled "Red Mist." The story was made in 2010 and was accompanied by an edited image of Squidward with red, misty eyes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts A place for all things gaming. "Oh. He is a turquoise A depiction of Squidward in the original "Red Mist" creepypastaStoryboard of him. Red Mist Gameplay All Endings. SpongeBob shouted. "Squidward? "SpongeBob, what are you doing?" The site may not work properly if you don't If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit Press J to jump to the feed. Sorry I went off topic a bit. r/Horror_Game_Videos: A place to share your own, or someone elses, horror gameplay videos. the Seavivor Host shouted. (This game was inspired by the creepypasta "Red Mist")You can collect 7 "Squidward`s Items". Wait...why is there blood on that knife?

Maybe they can knock some sense into you," SpongeBob said, taking out his cell phone.

Red Mist?! Comments.

"He is a "scary" version of Squidward. Well done and creepy. Eugene grinned, holding up a Krabby Patty. Nice and quick with some scares for you.

Ending I, get the janitor's keys and go outside into the parking lot, examine both cars and you should figure out the puzzle eventually.

I love the secrets and the scars great  game!!!!!!! ... Short but yummy game, i didnt go through all the ending becuase i am a bitch and i stopped after the first lol. In a response to a question about the story being canon, he said: "No not all. I'm here for another reason..." Squidward said, nearing Eugene with the knife. Ending Z, first open the boy's bathroom, you can do this with the hammer, once inside, go to the stall furthest on the right, tell the creature you've been bad, and the ending should be yours. "Oh, this isn't blood. Squidward said, holding up a knife. Cut to Patrick. "Fine! Well, then I'm calling the police.

Hope ya enjoy!Why is it marked as Linux and MacOS when there's only a Windows EXE?I liked it.

Will you unveil the TRUTH?

). "Another reason...? It will appear a few times throughout the game, as listed below. Squidward's got a knife!" Last page. Squidward asked.


"Gah, oh no! All donations are considered as a support of the game developer and not as an payment for the game!This game contains jumpdcares, flashing lights, scary and disturbing content. "Just hiding from Squidward! "...Okay then," Eugene said, stuffing the money in his pocket and walking off. Squidward said, glaring at Eugene. "SpongeBob, I really doubt that," Squidward said, continuing to drink the Red Mist.

I did not find the ghost, when it was the ghosts turn to find me I went to the left and through the door that said work, I ran randomly through the maze and eventually came to an outdoor area with trees and corn (wheat? I had a few things I needed to discuss.un juego muy interesante y divertido para pasar un buen rato ewe¡EL MEJOR JUEGO DE TERROR DEL MUNDO QUE ASUSTA MUCHÍSIMO!En serio que buen juego el suyo, me quedé sin palabras con toda esa historia y solo logré el final de "Escape" pero al menos lo pude lograr, además de tener algunos paros cardíacos de parte de su juego y por eso me gusto muchísimo, gracias :D (no es sarcasmo)Hey! No way! This is my first game and I hope you will enjoy it.