I weigh 195. Deck cord is not elastic and is tight to the deck, so can't secure paddle blade beneath it (using a bungee until I get a chance to replace the cord with elastic material). Some minor details. Download the Gumtree app. As Low As Keep in mind this boat retails for only $580: I already own Tarpon 160's and FF Nomads. I prefer to ride with the scupper plugs in, but when it gets really rough and I take the plugs out, I find the boat drains quickly. The foot wells still fill with water. This is a 10ft boat that will actually seat two adults. This boat has the potential to be a wet ride, so I purchased a Frogg Toggs Angler Bibb raingear set at Gander Mtn which should help keep my butt from getting rubbed raw if I have to sit in water for long periods of time.

So far, the Disco has a faster constant travel speed than anyone that I have paddled with. Submitted by: As Low As As Low As RTM Recreational Kayaks It would be perfect for a smaller, athletic, paddler in demanding conditions. $129.95 I'm 6' and 205lbs and the cockpit is a perfect fit for me. Overall however, this is a great sit-on-top, which paddles well and looks fantastic! Maneuverability on the water is where the Disco shines. RTM used to make Ocean Kayak boats for Europe. $68.97 It is honestly around 50#. Great fun at a great price. I picked up a well-used Disko to try out. RTM Kayaks

The Disco is weight sensitive. This is designed to minimise danger should the kayak … I like the footrests, but I do need a back rest to feel comfortable.

In my opinion (keep in mind that I'm used to 22" wide sea kayaks) the secondary stability doesn't initially push back very hard, but you can feel it. Paddle Not so crazy about the fittings. There is no hull slap noise at all. I started out with a Pelican type sit-in with a couple of flush mount rod holders that I installed myself.

Usually sells for over $1 000 for just the kayak, this rarely used second hand kayak includes the Kayak, Backrest and C-Kayak Paddle. Took the Disco ( second time out in it) through the ocean surf off Cocoa Beach and paddled up and down the beach for about 4 miles last weekend. As Low As It is very quiet. It may not be the new "follow the Pungo around the lake" boat just because it is so wet, but I will try again with scupper plugs. A good sponge is going to be required equipment. ... RTM Midway. Fit/Comfort are very good for me (comfortable foot placement with slightly bent knee, and the seat well and my seat both suit me). I paddle this yak myself in Gulf of Mexico and is definitely a better yak than my Pelican. Maybe in comparison to the typical 32" wide SOT, but not at all compared to most sit in boats. That is, it takes less effort to maintain a nice easy 3-4 MPH cruising speed. IMPORTANT - Showroom Closed to Visitors Shop online for home delivery or use our seven contactless Click & Collect locations around the UK - Click Here For Full Details - The Disco will also make you a better paddler. Read reviews for the Disco+ by RTM Kayaks and Canoes as submitted by your fellow paddlers. $169.95 For the price, weight, and size the Disco is a good compromise for paddling up and down the beach past the breakers for me (I am 5'10" and 182 lbs.) The primary stability is good as well as the secondary. Zero hull slap noise in choppy water.

The Mid-Way Angler from RTM Fishing offers the performance qualities of a traditional sea kayak combined with the advantages of a sit-on-top.

Cons: Its tippier than the Explorer, though I'm still getting used to it.

Tracking is pretty good, and better than the Explorer. The Dag Midway is the best RTM Mid-Way Angler Kayak-Grey Storm All the scuppers were FILLED and I sat in 2 inches of water for the entire ride! I LOVE IT!

So now i have 2 very nice kayaks: one designed predominantly for fishing, an angler fishing kayak, and one designed predominantly for paddling, a paddlers fishing kayak. DAG mid-way sit-on-top kayak $800 Negotiable This kayak comes complete with quality paddle, back rest, thigh straps, plastic storage drum, stainless steel trolley, cargo mesh cover, front hatch, rubber bungs and high vis flag. Some people are just not going to fit into the seat. Submitted by:

It felt really solid.