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Rely on your friends during the dark times.

So say you’re unhappy in your marriage. God can use these people to bring you the gospel and give you solid advice. Feeling uneasy can provide us great clarity. Jesus may be trying to reach you to encourage you back on spiritual course. Here are the eight signs He is.Knowing the signs He's trying to tell you something and how to discern those messages are imperative in order to live the life God wants for us.

One of the ways God may be trying to get your attention is through pictures and symbols. It’s important that we trust that God is with us in these moments of uneasiness. The Bible tells us, “He may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings” (Job 33:16). It’s also imperative that we trust in God when we’re not sure what direction to take. I can guarantee calling your husband a “loser” isnt helpingSis, you probably have talked to him about this many times, but I would say don’t bring it up to him again and tell God all about it and trust and believe that God hears you and sees the situation. You will begin to feel internally motivated to understand God’s direction, advice or warning. But it’s never right to put 100% responsibility onto anyone to support you financially. He wants to be the number one person we come to when we run into problems, when we are scared, or need someone to talk to. Second Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” If we focus our attention on God, our spiritual sensitivity will grow. If you’re experiencing transition or life change, ask God to speak to you and give Him your undivided attention. There’s a feeling of overall uneasiness in your life. It’s important to remember that listening to God begins with a genuine desire to hear from Him. God not only opens our ears, but also seals instruction so that we are notified of our faults, counseled in wrong direction and given instruction on best ways to move forward from these circumstances. If I could not return my love, I would not marry, so when I began to let it get to me, I was reminded that no marriage is better than a bad marriage. You developing deeper spiritual sensitivity is important to God because He wants you to take your spiritual walk seriously.

/ 10 Brutal Signs Your Marriage Cannot Be Saved. First Peter 5:8 states it vividly: “Be alert and of sober mind. God may speak to us softly during prayer, or scream from the rooftops trying to get us to notice Him. Did an image or something symbolic come out of nowhere? God has spoken to us through those who were inspired to write the words of Scripture. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it's not always easy to stay on the same page. If you feel He is trying to push you out of the box you've stuck yourself in, don't push back. This is one of His ways to get your attention. It might seem that He told you to start your own business or write a book. In addition to more energy, your spiritual sensitivity will heighten and engage in deeper understanding. When your marriage seems in peril, it’s easy to start focusing on the ways your spouse is letting you down or you are falling short. Yes, God does and can come after our comfort zones to get through to us. This is why we try to ignore Him, because change is the last thing we want to do. God will not lead you to adultery. Do you feel The Lord leading you in a certain direction? He will continue to provide you the clues. Here are 20 signs your marriage is in trouble and what you can do to fix it. Sometimes distraction can deafen our ears to the voice of The Holy Spirit. Then suddenly you meet this nice fella (or lady) at work. If you feel like something is off, God might be trying to get your attention. The Lord will use family, close friends and even total strangers to speak a word into your life that will pierce an area God is trying to deal with. If you are working full time as either as a stay at home mother or in the work force yourself that is a different story. Remember that God has put the two of you on the same team, and it’s Satan that wants to pull you apart. Pray to save your marriage yes but He will not do these things in your marriage: 1. You might have accidentally brushed if off as something else, but it could be God. Getting comfortable with the status quo and taking things for granted is one of the biggest mistakes married couples make. God gives us the tools we need to reach out to Him and create that dialog. Don’t quit!

One thing for sure, the reward of obedience is far better than staying where you’re at. While God can speak to us when we set aside time for prayer and meditation, He also speaks to us sometimes when it’s inconvenient, like the times when you can barely hear yourself think. Not by coincidence or chance, but for a The reason doesn’t always present itself right away, but usually it is for our good.Sometimes the reason is staring us right in our face but it’s hard for us to accept.

This might be what God has planned for your life. God wants to help us, ease our pain, and be a resource. If you aren't sure, simply ask Him! We can learn a lot through these instructions. However sometimes, we choose to turn to other options.

5 Signs Your Marriage is Headed for Trouble, by Alicia Michelle - Christian Marriage advice and help. Below is a list of warning signs of a marriage in trouble. When a relationship ends it can feel like the end of the world for most of us. In this case, the absence of peace is a loud and clear sign that God is trying to get you to pay more attention to Him.

God wants to have a relationship with all of us. Another way God brings us guidance is through people messengers. These life changes might be a big part of His plan for you. There will be hard times and you may even notice some of the signs below in your relationship. There are many ways God reaches out to us that we sometimes ignore or brush off completely. He can give you the energy to move a specific way. By establishing a relationship with God, He then teaches us about ourselves.