Created by Stéphane Bergmans, Benjamin d'Aoust, Matthieu Donck. A police detective mourning a painful loss moves back to his peaceful hometown, only to be drawn into a murder case that dredges up dark secrets. The series's first season ends with Peeters hugging and crying Camille and telling her it's gonna be ok, while Ines is in the background. The battle over the dam takes a new turn, and Camille's frustrations boil over.While Peeters questions the author of the fake suicide note, the chief makes an unsettling discovery. The Break (French: La Trêve, "The Truce") is a French-language Belgian crime drama television series, produced by Anthony Rey and directed by Matthieu Donck. Eva uses this loophole to send the adult version of mirror world Bartosz (Roman Knižka) to rescue his younger self so that this Bartosz (Paul Lux) can stop mirror world Martha from rescuing Jonas from the apocalypse and bringing him to Eva's world. We could come up with reasons - Inès felt guilty, she wanted Yoann to investigate the death because she loved him and thought Yoann's active investigation was the best way of keeping him around - but we shouldn't have to come up with motives like that, especially when there was another, much better, candidate for the killer, the police chief, who indeed did do his best at first to close the case as a suicide.

Driss accidentally kills a farmer he was meant to scare when he set up a barn on fire. He's a tyrannical bully who cows the hippies under his thumb with liberal use of violence, with no small amount of blackmail and extortion thrown in. Release year: 2016. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices.For the majority of the series, we thought there were only two sides in the war to control time: Adam's (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) and Claudia's (The pair then set out to stop the apocalypse in Eva's world. You hear sirens but you never get to see if they're for her or not, or if Peeters decided to keep her secret.Boris in season 2. (He is also who wrote the Triquetra notebook that has played such a key role throughout the series.) If you're a nihilist, you may now be concerned that the dinner party's wish for a world without Winden may still prove true, despite everything that Jonas and Martha sacrificed.

It's set to happen on Nov. 7, 2019, because this is the day the adult Aleksander (Peter Benedict), wanting to … His fixing match scheme indirectly leads to Driss' death and is directly responsible for Ivo's death. The story will keep you guessing along with the pretty unlikeable main character. One conveniently dies, and others have had their cattle die in mysterious circumstances. It is eventually revealed that Operation Berger was a surveillance mission on a drug cartel gone awry when their cover is blown; during the fracas, a child is held hostage and Peeters commands his unit to rescue him without backup, which results in four cops dead, but the child is rescued successfully.

The Break: Season 2 (Trailer) The Break: Season 1 (Recap) Episodes The Break. This is the part where the victim (or mark) believes that they have the upper hand, and are convinced that they are going to win whatever it is that's at stake (in this case the stealing of the egg).. For Season 2: Dany Bastin did in fact kill Astrid.

It debuted on RTBF's La Une on 21 February 2016, on France 2 on 29 August 2016, and on Netflix in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada on 21 December 2016.. Relationships are a two way street. Panic sends Kevin into a dangerous spiral.An unexpected confession and blood stains at a cabin shed new light on the night Driss died. Series focuses on Police detective Yoann Peeters (Yoann Blanc), after he moves from Brussels to Heiderfeld with his daughter, Camille, following the death of his wife. The first season finale of Netflix's first original German series "Dark" likely left a majority of at-home viewers with their minds simultaneously blown and full of questions. WWII's roots lie in the end of WWI—beginning with a treaty that left Germany destitute and hungry. Trusting in her older self, the Claudia from Adam's world kills her mirror self and then sets out to find the true way to break the cycle, since both Adam and Eva are wrong about what the origin really is.As Claudia discovers, there's an entire third world — the origin world — and it was in that world that H.G. Plus, the return of a true crime OG after a decade on ice