... Q. accidentally drops one of her letters at the post office. (1 mark) After seeing the Crane baby, what does Miss Strangeworth think? answer choices . She finally gets invited to a costume party, by Vivien, and is really excited. � (1 mark) What is the theme of the story? THE POSSIBILITY OF EVIL Selection Test A Comprehension Read each of the following questions. Jerry is a dynamic character we know this because during the end of the story he's shown to be more content and calm around mother emulating the adulthood and mature he had been striving for through out the story.

ohart. � One evening Miss Strangeworth Save. the possibility of evil 187 literary analysis: character motivation One way of learning about a character is to consider his or her motivation—the reasons behind the character’s actions. � � A young woman with a child. � A deceitful and lonely old woman. • “The Possibility of Evil” from Just an Ordinary Day: The Uncollected Stories of Shirley Jackson Brainstorm Your Presentation When your group has finished reading, brainstorm what parts your group will want to show in the trailer.
(1 mark) If you disagree with what someone else is doing, should you ever interfere? 1st Street in … (1 mark) Why does the Harris boy think he is doing Miss Strangeworth a favour? (6 points each) 1. Maybe she is making friends after all. B. Edit. Start studying The Possibility of Evil. English.

249 Answer all questions in full sentences on a separate sheet of paper. The postmaster. R View The_Possibility_of_Evil_questions.pdf from CHEMISTRY 10 at Christian Academy. The Possibility of Evil p. 249 Pre-Reading: Legally Blonde clip – Elle is at a new school and is having trouble making new friends. Her family has lived there for more than 100 years. Q. letters make people suspicious of each other. Mister Lewis. Question 1 . Describe the setting in "The Possibility of Evil" answer choices . When? & z { | � � ����������������������θίΧ� huh h�� 5�OJ QJ \� h�� OJ QJ h�� OJ QJ \�hTj� 5�OJ QJ \� h�� huh OJ QJ h�� hTj� OJ QJ \�h�� hTj� OJ QJ h OJ QJ hTj� OJ QJ hTj� 6�]� hTj� 0 G H � � � � 2 3 u v � � Q Who does Miss Strangeworth so highly regard? For example, a father in “The Possibility of Evil” forbids a boy to visit his daughter because he believes the boy is immoral. They don’t Provide evidence to support this claim. U Remember to include the question in your answer. Don’t think of the questions or videos as creating small group “homework.” Instead, I suggest you use these questions to get conversations going or, if you’re doing a personal study, to get you to think about material more quickly and with more focus Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The Possibility of Evil Quiz DRAFT. E. To Kill A Mockingbird. Miss Strangeworth stops calling Mr. Lewis “Tommy” when A. he receives one of her letters B. her father dies C. he starts working at the grocery store D. heforgetsMissStrangeworth’stea 2.

� � � �� �� �� � � � ���� ( ( ( ( 4 ( � B @ @ @ @ @ $ � � � � 7 7 @ @ � L S S S v @ @ S S S � � @ ���� � � ���� � � � b 0 � � , � � � � 0 S 7 7 S � ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� � � : �The Possibility of Evil� Short Story Questions Sightlines 10, pg.
The townspeople Under what circumstances?

Explain your answer. ... 12 Questions Show answers. Name: _ Date: _ Class: _ The Possibility of Evil Shirley Jackson, 1965. (2 marks) This story contains the use of symbolism. (Hint: what does the story teach us about human nature?) ... Who is Miss Strangeworth? D. Lord of the Flies. Plot Theme The plot in "The possibility of evil" is that Miss Adela Strangeworth is (1 mark) Why does Miss Strangeworth send nasty letters to people? � SURVEY . know her, her habits, and the lovely roses she grows that are her pride and Analyze the symbolic significance of the following: (3 marks) Miss Strangeworth�s name Miss Strangeworth�s roses The colour of her envelopes and writing paper Do you think that Miss Strangeworth�s punishment was too harsh?

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