It doesn’t matter which way you move it. Now we’ve turned them back on, and the hourly chimes don’t operate.

A weight provides the power required for the time and chime of the clock to function.Examine and see if the weights are aligned properly. Clock Repair. home improvement and repair website. Cuckoo Clocks. Home > Clock Repair.

forum clock Weights control the grandfather clock movements. The center weight is dropping but left and right aren't. Skeleton Clocks. A more balanced ticking could be the solution.Constantly shifting the position could lead to problems in the grandfather clock movements. I’m definitely in one of my areas of ignorance here.My 2 cents: I wouldn’t screw with it but would call in a professional, unless of course I did not really give a crap about the clock.I have had some experience with clock repair.

Happy Moms day!Now, being 15 years older and much, much wiser, I tried to repair a turn of the century (i.e. I can get the hourly chimes to work by either nudging this spinner doohickey inside or tugging on their weight a bit. I sprayed a mist of penetrating oil over the mechanisms–in fact, I think that’s how I got the 1/4 hour chimes to resume working.It gives the appearance of something sticking, but I don’t have a clue what it might be. I never got it together again.

Adjust the leveling of the platform. Now reset the moon dial with the observed moon phase.

Chiming clocks come in all shapes and sizes and they generally signal each hour with a clang, ding or chime. Pull the weights up, open the glass and gently move the hands away from each other. Along with being dealers in some of the most sophisticated clocks and timepieces from around the world, we also hold the distinction for being an authorized service center for some of the leading clock manufacturers, such as Howard Miller, Ridgeway and Sligh. When I make the hourly chimes work, they bong out the correct number of hours. Clock Info.

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I can get the hourly chimes to work by either nudging this spinner doohickey inside or tugging on their weight a bit. Accent Clocks. But they won’t chime of their own accord.The clock is either an Elgin (name on the papers envelope) or a Barwick (name on the operating manual). Be careful while doing this, as the hands are quite delicate.Sometimes the pendulum can disrupt the grandfather clock movements. Examine and see if the weights are aligned properly. My ridgeway grandfather clock runs but won't chime. I... case feet are not adjusted to compensate for it. If the clock is running slow move the pendulum up the shaft, and if it is running fast move it down.Another cause for the inconsistency could be the moon dial. After unplugging main keypad

Observe the current phase that the moon is in. The hands have to be unlocked. DSC scw9057g Zone with repeater showing open. You can rotate the moon by gently pressing the dial.Check the platform where the grandfather clock has been stationed. You can see the importance of a clock being secure on a wall, floor or sturdy table and that the movement is secure in its case. The most important aspect of owning a grandfather clock is to take care of theWeights control the grandfather clock movements. Step 2 – Checking the Weight. Technician's Assistant: I throw away my watch whenever it stops moving. If your chiming clock is not emitting the correct number of chimes with a given hour, it's time to reset your clock.