“Plus I wanted to run it on pump fuel, and the adjustability of the turbo option meant it could be easily detuned for the street.”Once he’d made the decision to go with the RB30 swap, Matt had a long chat with Ian Baker from Hi Octane Racing in Sydney, who has been involved with a bunch of mega-grunt Nissan GT-R projects.“I was thinking about dropping an RB25 twin-cam head onto the RB30,” Matt says. All you have to decide is whether you want one cam or two, one throttle or six, 2L, 2.5L, 2.6L or 3.0L and whether you wanna gear it towards a smaller street turbo or a giant dyno killing monster.And that’s the real beauty of the RB – so many uses and so many choices really do make this one of the great ultimate all rounders.Haltech-powered RBs have been successful in various types of motorsport, from drag racing, drift and time attack and circuit racing.If you’re after an ECU for your RB-powered vehicle you’ll have plenty to choose from. The Nissan RB engine first set out its stall within the seventh generation of Skyline, the R31. Considering the RB-X engine proved itself at Le Mans and Pikes Peak, the 400R has some solid motorsport DNA within it and as only 44 examples were ever produced, you’ll struggle to find one for much less than $85,000 (£68,000). Three Haltech Elite 1500 ECUs. The twin-cam head was ported and polished before Leon filled it with some of the aforementioned goodies, plus some stainless steel Hi Octane valves, then bolted it down tight.The external goodies include a Garrett GT35 turbo, a Tial external wastegate, Turbosmart blow-off valve, custom 4in bar-and-plate intercooler and a Hypertune inlet manifold. The event was filled with new PBs and World Record runs!All three cars ended up with a new PB and a World Record! Because the camshaft is linked to the crank via a timing belt, any distortion in the timing belt will result in an inaccurate crank angle position being delivered to the ECU. An RB20-powered GTS-R romped to the 1990 Australian Touring Car Championship title before ducking out of the way of the incoming R32 Skyline which went on to further Nissan’s motorsport success in the 90s. The R34 clearly benefitted from the racing and testing done with the two previous generations of GTRs. The RB25DET (from the R33 Skyline or C34 Laurel or Stagea) head is also used, however an external oil feed must be fabricated for the variable cam timing (VCT) on the RB25DET, and the galleries at the front of the engine do not line up. It was first displayed at the 1993 Tokyo Motor Show, but its official launch wasn’t until January of 1995.Still powered by the RB26DETT the R33 raced at Le Mans in the same year, finishing the gruelling event 10th overall and 5th in class. The price listed is the base price for the trim level given.

The nine-inch is still located by a set of leaf springs but a set of Caltracs have been fitted to improve traction.With the pieces of the mechanical puzzle in place, it was paint time. I did notice a small machined surface close the the gearbox, but it was covered in dirt and crap so thats probably why we didnt notice anything. Weirdly, Nissan also used its slightly agricultural RB24 engine in specifically the Latin American exported cars which were renamed as the Nissan Laurel. The R33 has gained a strong and loyal following of its own, in particular the limited edition Nismo 400R variant, with 400hp on tap and a limited run of just 50 cars.Next came the R34, which would turn out to be the last GT-R powered by the RB26DETT. All Rights Reserved.WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines.The WhichCar Network: Everything car buyers need and car lovers want. The car was also shorter, as was the front overhang.The GT-R wasn’t the only model to be blessed with RB Power. Point of it all. The electronic throttle also offers engine protection that can be set against the throttle position. The 1,000,000th car rolls off the production line, a DS golf car carrying one of the "original eight" investors. The variable cam timing may be disconnected altogether. However, it is possible to put either a RB25 or RB26 head on an RB30 block. Achieving immortality partly thanks to the Gran Turismo PlayStation game, the Calsonic GTR was one of Japan’s most successful racing cars. Released in 1988, the Cefiro A31 shared an engine, transmission and rear suspension with the R32 Skyline. Pop the bonnet, though, and you’ll get a surprise. For the top-end, Matt sourced heaps of Tomei-branded gear through Hi Octane, scoring massive 280-degree cams, cam pulleys, valve springs, lifter buckets and more.