it wasn't fun anymoreshe met up with some of the kids in the teachers' room and sang with them, playing songs on her guitarbecause her parents were too hooked on money and success, and they decided to move there to think about what's righta seventh grader who devoted her life to scaring the smaller childrenwhat kind of dolls did leslie give may belle in exchange for hanging out with jess?by swinging on a rope tied to an old crab apple tree across the gullywhat was the only way they could get to terabithia?1. When she finds this out, she's going to be torturing herself for wondering why she didn't invite Leslie too what favor did they ask of jess?what did jess use to get across terabithia to make a funeral wreath for the queen?who gave her condolences to jess about leslie at school?because he couldn't seem to give him up, he became too attached to it

They had problem's with the priest and didn't have a lot of money for new clothes. this was difficult because he didn't want anybody to see the smile because people would tease him. Why didn't Leslie and jess ... Jess and Leslie play a prank on Janice Avery which strengthens their friendship.

Did Jess invite Leslie to an Easter celebration at his church. janice fell and pretended that jess had made her trip, just so the driver ordered him out of the bus and made him walk home. Edmunds b) He was afraid of water and Leslie wanted to go to Terabethia. Should he invite Leslie after all? Why didn't Jess dare to show his drawings to his dad? what did jess's smile at leslie in the music room signify? Lightning bolts are usually associated with Leslie died while she was at the museum with Jess. In a way maybe he should – but on the other hand – he would see Leslie every single day anyway, whereas he wouldn't get invitations like this from Ms. Edmunds so often. Jess has survivor's guilt over Leslie dying while he was off with Miss Edmunds.If she hadn't invited him, he almost certainly would have gone out to play. Jess agreed to go because a) He had a crush on Miss. And somehow, admittedly the thought of the three of them in a museum didn't sound so fascinating to Jesse … Leslie was found dead in the creek and Jesse was nowhere to be found. . who was more famous?who was the guy every girl in seventh grade swooned upon?what did leslie tell jess to add so that janice would tell someone about the letter?what happened while leslie and jess were sneaking into the room?she asked her about a nest that she wanted her opinion onhow did leslie keep mrs. pierce from entering the room and finding jess inside?billy morris told the driver that janice wasn't on yet, and wilma dean said to not worry, she wasn't riding because she had a date with willardshe was quiet, and didn't bother anyone, but with her eyes she dared people to say a wordwhat happened when janice went back on the bus the next day?what did jess want to buy leslie if he had the money?what name and occupation did leslie give the puppy?a box of watercolors with twenty-four tubes of color, three brushes and a pad of heavy art paperbecause of her sneakers (willard hughes's name is crossed out in them) and the cloud of smokebecause her father beats her, she was so mad that she told her two friends, and they told the whole seventh gradebecause since their dad got laid off, they didn't get new clothesbecause if not God will send you to hell when you diewhy did may belle think you needed to believe in the bible?because he knew that the creek would be nigh and he was afraidwhy didn't jess want to go to terabithia when it started to rain?washington, to see the smithsonian, the national gallery and some landmarkswhat happened after jess and miss edmunds left the museums?what happened while jess and miss edmunds were at the museums?what did jess think everything was after he woke up?what did he do right after he woke up the day of her death?because they were crying for themselves, and if they even cared about leslie, they wouldn't have brought her to millsburgwhere did bill and judy go after leslie's death?

What did Mae Bell say to Leslie when she said she didn't believe in the bible? Leslie likes to hang out with her dad and wants to understand him to know what is going on. 4.) why was this both a difficult and an important step for jess? washington, to see the smithsonian, the national gallery and some landmarks where did miss edmunds invite jess to? ", with the overall idea that they go to hell. What does this phrase say about how Jesse thought of Leslie? Jesse doesn't think that you should be friends with your parents.

The conclusion: As soon as Leslie fell in the creek, Jesse tried to be a hero and went in to save her, getting himself killed for his troubles, with his body being washed away.Leslie falls in the creek and Jesse is frozen, partly with horror, partly with shocked disbelief at what's happening. No, ... Why doesn't Jesse's family go to church every Sunday? ... Jess wanted to eventually invite Joyce Ann to Terabithia.