If the spark seems weak, the problem may be with the pick-up coil. There are hundreds of quads out there...all different. If there is no resistance, the pump is likely bad. Start by spraying some carb cleaner or ether into the carb or injectors and then try to start up the engine. Before they break completely, they may be getting weaker gradually due to wear. If your fully charged battery drops below 11,5 volts under load (while you crank the starter), it needs to be replaced. Instead, they have a non-serviceable screen or a sump-filter located inside the gas tank. Delivery options and delivery speeds may vary for different locationsElite OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Parts Distributor for premium brands!Special discounts for companies in the powersports industryDiscounts for federal and most state and municipal agenciesThere's nothing quite as frustrating as when your ATV won't start as you're ready to ride. Don’t worry, there’s a quick and easy way to check for spark. 2003 kfx 400, turns over but will not start i got fuel air and spark Answer Save 6 Answers Relevance? Make sure the timing marks are lined up correctly.

Has fuel and oil was low I filled it. Identify the vacuum line that goes to one of the inlet ports. The clicking sound is coming from the starter solenoid.A solenoid that is working correctly will provide an audible click as you activate the starter. This will, however, require a specialist tool that the average home mechanic does not have. Fuel has varnished and gummed up in the bottoom of the carburetour.

There could still be a valve issue, but if that was the ONLY issue, then I would assume the PSI would not have gone up to 90 with the added oil. The black lead goes to ground. Your bike’s timing is what tells the bike when to pull air and fuel into the cylinder, when to ignite the fuel and when to discard exhaust gasses out the exhaust. Make sure if you’re going to let the quad sit for a while that you drain the gas out and start with new gas next time you start it up.If you think it won’t start because you’ve had old gas sitting in the tank for a while, it’s a good idea to also change the fuel filter. Look for a button on the side of the carb that may look like a choke knob. Look at the plug its not getting fuel , its not wet. To test the battery, use a multimeter (which can be purchased on the cheap at any auto parts store) to check for an output of 12V. Starters may wear out due to old age, or they may go bad from a busted seal that will allow oil or water to get inside of the starter.To test the starter, you need to remove it from the ATV. If it is very little or no fuel coming from the fuel line, you likely have either:If there is a steady or pulsating stream of fuel you know thatContinue your troubleshooting based on the results of this initial test. Many ATVs are designed not to start when in gear as a safety precaution. Start from the top and work your way down if you are not sure where to begin.If you are not able to jump start your ATV, it may not be a dead battery that is causing your starting issues.
Make sure you get the right spark plug for your engine and that it’s gapped correctly.If you’re still not getting any spark, you have a bigger problem. The task if troubleshooting fuel injector problems, however, is a task that often gives even seasoned mechanics a headache. Still nothing. There should be no reading when not pressing the starter button. Time to check for spark.If your engine’s not getting any spark, or getting weak spark, it won’t start at all. Please help. Turns over but won't start.