Pure Strategy and Battle in HD… Aw BABY! This will be like activision.

Argument!!!!!!! !1you need to add family guy back to multiuniverse which was advertised and shown to be on the ps3, xbox 360 and wii u but no release date curse you wii u region lock(bought wii u from japan and now can’t play US-made game)Who would like it if they made a Mario Kart and a Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii U?OMG EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE FORGETTING ANOTHER REAL MASTER PIECE BESIDES MARIO AND ZELDA….. HELLO METROID!! That’s like if Nintendo decided to re-release all Mario games on a Sega console. lolI think Monster Hunter 4 is gonna be a 3DS game. It just seems too complicated to make. Anyway we have Conduit 3…I’m really hoping we hear about some more games coming to the Wii U in September during the same time Nintendo reveals the price and release date.I think the WiiU is getting pretty much everything it needs which is awesome.Great 1st party Nin goodness in New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin etc.Cmon man, the SNES was rpg KING! Yup, we are getting it! If Apple made a controller that could be attached to the iPad or iPod touch for gaming, I’d get it. they rnt making bf3- theyr making bf4… AND BLACK OPS 2!! When I heard about it I went to my room and mourned that after 24 years of recieving it in the mail it reall is sad. 00 games were released in Japan. And for the controls the D-pad buttons could be used for 4 of your long ranged attacks and the A, B, X & Y buttons for Melee attacks like head-butt and tackle etc. It is similar to communism except to the extream.Was Devil’s Third officially confirmed or is that a guess? I wish Mojang would listen. You wanna spend sixty dollars on a game you can get for free on google chrome?they are greaaaaaaaat games i want 51 of them ilove wii U i cant wait:)i like the pokemon idea except the real time combat thing. Thats my opinion, or even a 4th Prime game would be sweet!In my opinion, the Prime trilogy was better, mainly because I like first-person shooters. One of the triggers will naturally be used for targeting and others could be used for using items and poke balls etc. i will get as much of the wii u experience AS I CAN. Master Chief is Microsoft’s mascot. Now, battle to the death for who gets the TV/Gamepad!Technically it isn’t 4, it a remake/edit of 3. However, why not up the ante and make it so that the game world lets you see Pokemon in the grass, if it’s going to be 3D it’s kind of lame for the monster to just “Appear”. imagine an arcanine’s fur. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! How cool is that?! I would kill for that game on Wii U but as far as I know Itagaki has only hinted at it.i think lego city stories is gonna be awesome if previous games are anything to go by.That patch only works on PAL iso.You could re-download the PAL iso and patch it hours later, or burn the NTSC iso w/o any patch.Of course, you can buy the onaigril game disc off the shelf.It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of information.
Really exiting!!! By the way, how could we be in contact?Far cry 3?skyrim?gta 5?the new fallout?dishonered?call of Juarez gunslinger?halo?sleeping dogs?prototype 2?darkness 2?dude its a new console those games already came out halo is microsoft exclusive looks like you just want a xbox dude but the new fallout not sure we still dont have Bethesma with us and gta 5 where not getting thatWhy not? I thought it would be free on the Wii U just like it’s free on PC.Dragon Quest X is listed as and action game.

Multiplayer, 1 use the gamepad, the other the tv. The order of the 50 best Wii U games is based on evaluations by editors and game experts from many well-known game sites collected by GameRankings. GHOST RECON ONLINE!!! It will definitely boost sales because Miiverse and stuff.You could just just sign the minecraft on wii u petition. I want my game, and I want it now. plz Keep petty phiranha.first things first: ineedawiiuNOW. God, I’m weird… There was a game JUST like that called Metroid Other M… I played and still play Super Metroid and for me Other M was really GREAT! I asked my mom, my dad & my step-dad if I could get sometime soon, but apparently it cost too much for them so I asked my uncle and he said maybe. !I am not cause they are only for the potable systems even though that would be cool. Maybe, but that would be a seriously challenging pokemon game. Come onWell, thats the current date. We have 2 more years now.I agree Mario. I heard the original ninja gaiden 3 went completely off track from the first 2 and became a basic beat em up slasher. the starters are Chespin (Grass Chipmunk thing), Froakie (Water Frog), and (My personal favorite) Fennekin (Fire Fox). this is GENIUS! It`s not a mod, but the picture is big. im just afraid that it could be a rushed game.