I am now back at work away from home and he doesn’t repltAs for your story, it would also depend on your other signs (moon and rising) of both people. The Virgo usually are of very sound mind and don’t let their emotion control them, while the Cancer act only on emotion.I’m Pisces woman, Need all the advice I can get.
When your man has been hurt, don’t … This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. I could vibe his emotions from afar.

I had to meet him in person to make sure what I was feeling was real. So, 2 and a half monhts ago we had this fight, that wasn’t big enough, but still we broke up. When he said he has no time but yet he still got time for gym??? Well not too long after that took place, Labor Day arrived and I was at a family function and he was at a baseball game with a client of his. I def do not want to play behind his back I want to be with him n be there for him. If you truly care for him, respect that he needs to choose how to move forward.

He’s always about being honest but if I’m honest with him about something or some type of way he will make it about him and will take offense to it even if it wasn’t about him, and then I’m in the dog house AGAIN for like a 3rd weekend in a row… Like right now I’m in the dog house. Offering a sincere apology. Even when they aren’t truly sorry, they will apologize just to get over an argument.Others might not even apologize at all, preferring to brush past the upsetting incident and sweep it under the rug entirely.But when a Cancer man apologizes, he means it sincerely.

Getting him to forgive you may be futile, but there are definite tips to help him move past the pain and sadness.When doing the apology, you may notice that your words appear to fall on deaf ears. So typical Virgo anxious energy started asking insecure questions which pushed him off the edge.

Usually, though, a Cancer guy’s apology won’t contain a “but,” and he will say he is … Maybe we can fix everything idk! Like Craigslist personals ads I notice on laptop to the messaging ex friends or Grl friends and to this one Grl name he always seem to want to reach out to. He would include me in his future plans, very respectful, family oriented etc. I feel desperate at this point!! I’m a cancer woman and I had a 3 year realtionship with a cancer man. If he is your close friend, lover, or family member, he is naturally touchy-feely with you to show his comfort level and affection.When a Cancer man feels guilty for something he’s done, he will become even more physically affectionate than normal. he didnt want to listen to me. It’s his way of connecting with you and showing you that he’s deeply sorry.Although the Cancer man’s personality is quite frugal, he has no problems spending money on the people he loves.He is much more likely to buy a designer handbag for his girlfriend than a phone upgrade for himself, or a nice piece of jewelry for his mother instead of a new suit for work.Because a Cancer man is so generous and sincere, he puts his money where his mouth is when he apologizes.If your Cancer guy tells you he’s sorry, don’t be surprised when a dozen roses show up on your desk at work the next day. And we just had a new born babyI couldn’t take it any longer. From the counselling session and the pills for depression, it does help but for just a while. He lives about an hour and 20 min away from me but because we connected so quickly I was anxious to meet the person I had been spending hours of texting and FaceTime. From the beginning, things were really great and we are really into each other. He was so cruel to me, I will never forget the words he said. Keep in mind that Cancer men are often moody. Let him see how much pain he has caused you, and he is sure to feel sorry.When you show a Cancer man he has hurt you, he will likely get emotional. I was wondering if somone had a similar experience with a cancer man. Anyways I had really low self esteem for years… anxiety and hurtful thought I didn’t understand why this man was so cold and I was always so loving to him. Well it was and I started to like him more but felt like he liked me more than I did which was a plus in my eyes.

Sometimes a Cancer man will apologize by saying, “I’m sorry, but…” This means that he is sorry for hurting your feelings and wants to move past the argument, but he doesn’t think he’s wrong. I apologize for my mistake and promised I will do anything it takes to make it work. He’s not answering any of my messages I tried to apologize for whatever reasons I don’t even know but just to itch things up and he’s read my messages but hasn’t responded. I was in the middle between them, but I would have given up anything, just to be with him. Meanwhile, don’t pressure yourself!Thank you so much for taking time to read my story.

We could only text each other in the morning and night due because he doesn’t have a phone (He brought his mom’s phone to keep in contact with me) so it’s really hard for me to show my feelings for him are true. Do you want to meet your son now ? Our relationship started with us not knowing where it will go or what will transpire from it. This means that when he cares about you, he will do whatever it takes to make your life easier.He likes being depended on and will always put the needs of his loved ones before himself.When a Cancer man wants you to forgive him, this is a great time to ask him for a favor.